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in diabetes education, patient care and quality of life.


 in work, communication and disclosure of information.


in finding new ways and strategies to fight diabetes.


to improvement and advance in diabetes care.


to the  public, patients and HCPs.


in relationships and conduct.


in action and projects.


Institute is non governmental, nonprofit organization dedicated to advance in excellence and quality of diabetes education, research, patient care and clinical practice.

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Assesment of need

  • 387 million  people have diabetes; by 2035 this will rise to 592 million 

  • The number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing  in every country 

  • The greatest number  of people with diabetes are between 40 and 59  years of age 

  • 179 million  people with diabetes are undiagnosed 

  • Diabetes caused 4.9 million deaths  in 2014; Every seven seconds a person dies from diabetes 

  • Diabetes caused at least USD 612 billion dollars  in health expenditure in 2014 – 11% of total spending  on adults 

  • More than 79,000 children  developed type 1 diabetes  in 2013 

  • More than 21 million live births  were affected by diabetes during pregnancy in 2013 

Data source : IDF

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  • To impact and advance clinical practice and patient care on primary and secondary level through unbiased, high quality transfer of knowledge and god practices into all levels of healthcare.

  • To enable and promote studies and research related to diabetes and thus improve quality and development in diabetes prevention, management and control.

  • To improve the patients life and therapies effectiveness through education of HCPs and patients.

  • To reduce the economic burden of diabetes through public awareness , healthcare and self management improvements.

Strategies & Actions


Agada will strive to lead HCPs, public and patients towards better diabetes diagnose, control, management and care.

Impact and influence

Agada will strive to be a trusted and relevant source of knowledge, improvements and assistance in diabetes care, prevention, education and research to HCPs, public and patients. 

Value for stakeholders 

HCPs: transfer of knowledge and good practice to clinical environments

Patients: improvements in care, education and quality of life

Public : reducing the economic burden of diabetes by education,early diagnose and prevention.

Capacity to lead 

Agada will strive to lead by example, exercising core values of knowledge,expertise and ethics. And build an organisational  structure in a way to ensure transparency, creativity,  high ethics and efficiency in Agada organisation and projects.

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  • continuous medical education and professional development  in healthcare

  • diabetes related studies and research

  • public awareness about diabetes threats and prevention

  • patient education

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